Tuesday, November 10, 2015



My eyes are closed and head is down
The mind's a race, hear every sound
And though I do not look around
My feet feel like they're on the ground

I have a dream about my friends
Who all forsake me in the end
And every single word I send
Gets broken up and left to mend

I suppose this means that I'm asleep
Though I still dream I'm on my feet
And every thought I think is deep
And what I think is on repeat

I know this thing inside my head
That keeps me here, the waking dead
Means every single night I dread
This struggle fought inside my bed

I think of all the years gone by
And all the moments when I cried
To wonder when or if I'd die
Such mem'ries now a lullaby

I think of God and if He is
A magic force that can forgive
A yearning soul, alone I live
Amazing grace, my soul I give

I think of all the thing that changed
The progress made, the times forgave
To think that now I’m not a slave
I've conquered much inside this cave

By morning's dawn, I'm not as bad
As all the sadder days I've had
So one may say that I am glad
To lie awake

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